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Ciro, Paris 1928
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Ciro, Paris 1928 Ciro, Paris 1928

Ciro, Paris 1928


This charming menu cover from 1928 is by Georges Redon. Born in France in 1869, Georges Redon was a painter, draftsman, caricaturist, poster artist, engraver and lithographer. Among his works were menu covers for some of France’s most famous restaurants. Redon was particularly well-known for the portraits of children and this vintage menu art shows a young girl telling her thirsty dog "If you drink that water, you'll get colic."

Ciro’s was named after its first owner, an Italian born Egypian, who opened the first restaurant in Monte Carlo in 1897. One of the most regular customers was multi-millionaire Gordon Bennett, the American businessman, who always sat at the same outside table eating his favorite chop until Ciro was told to move them by a policeman. Bennett was livid and Ciro explained that the only solution would be to buy the next-door restaurant. Bennett bought the restaurant, gave it to Ciro, and resumed sitting at his favorite table.

Ciro sold out in 1911 to a syndicate that expanded it into a small chain that endured until world war two.

Courtesy Private Collection.

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