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Eve Club Menu Characters, London, 1960s
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Eve Club Menu Characters, London, 1960s


Tucked away in a discreet basement just off Regent Street, London’s Eve Club was legendary. Opened in 1953 by Helen and Jimmy O’Brien, the club lasted until 1992 – although by the end it was a relic of a bygone era, what an era that was.

In its heyday the Eve Club counted innumerable Hollywood stars, politicians, moguls and even spies among its clientele – helped by the club’s strict no-photographers rule (and the beauty of its showgirls). One judge described the club as “a sub-division of the Foreign Office”.

This was no accident. Helen, born Elena Constaninescu in Romania, was a fervent anti-communist, and worked with both MI5 and MI6, who recruited her after seeing the club’s popularity with Eastern Bloc diplomats. The club’s hostesses would listen out for gossip, which would be passed up the chain to Helen O’Brien’s handlers.

Along with the intrigue came the glamour, and the Eve Club’s menus certainly reinforce the impression of a stylish establishment – with just a bit more going on under the surface…

This print is a collection of some of the charming illustrations from the inside of the Eve Club menu, used to divide the sections. Clearly they're far too interesting to leave languishing unseen. 

Courtesy Private Collection.

Each print is accompanied by a copy of the interior menu where available.

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