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Brasserie Francaise Gruber & Cie Paris 1889
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Gruber, Paris 1889


Hungry visitors who attended the World Fair in Paris in 1889 would have been presented with this lovely menu when they dined at the Brasserie Française, one of many restaurants established on the fairground.

The restaurant was originally opened in 1816 in Melun by Walter Cyriaque and was bought by Brasserie Gruber & Cie de Strasbourg-Kœnigshoffen in 1888, a year before the fair opened.

The Eiffel Tower was erected as the entrance arch to the 1889 World Fair, which celebrated the centennial year of the French Revolution.

Buffalo Bill and sharpshooter Annie Oakley performed a Wild West Show there and other prominent visitors included European Royalty, artists James Whistler, Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch and Paul Gauguin and the inventor Thomas Edison.

More than 32 million visitors attended and there were more than 61,000 exhibitors.

Courtesy UNLV Special Collections..

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