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Hotel New Yorker "Food", New York, 1942 Vintage Menu
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Hotel New Yorker "Food", New York, 1942 Vintage Menu Hotel New Yorker Food 1942 Interior Menu Hotel New Yorker Food 1942 Vintage Menu

Hotel New Yorker "Food", New York, 1942


Way ahead of many of its rivals with "new technology" such as conveyor belts, the Hotel New Yorker was much admired. A writer for the magazine Modern Mechanix marveled at the scene in the kitchens: "Through an open door we saw busy chefs cooking on the kitchen's thirty-eight sectional gas ranges. In the bake shop was an automatic weigher, measuring out ingredients from a hopper behind two electric ovens. We ducked beneath an overhead chute of gleaming copper. Trays of dishes glided along it, propelled by some unseen force, on their way to the dishwashing room. They switch around corners through an ingenious system of moving belts and enter the dishwasher - a metal contrivance eight feet long that handles 12,000 pieces of china an hour. Click through to see the other menu covers. They are reproduced as a collection of four on one poster or can be bought separately.

Courtesy Private Collection.

Each print is accompanied by a copy of the interior menu where available.

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