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Stork Cub Liquor Label - Whisky 1940s
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Stork Club Liquor Label - Whisky 1940s


Sherman Billingsley was a former bootlegger from Oklahoma who created what was arguably the most famous restaurant and nightclub in the world – the Stork Club in New York. From the 1920s and through the following four decades, it was the place where high society sophisticates, Hollywood and Broadway stars, businessman and politicians came to let their hair down. Ordinary but moneyed folks also made it past the solid gold chain at the entrance to the fabled club that newspaper columnist Walter Winchell memorably called “New York’s New Yorkiest place, once they had been given the once-over by the nightclub impresario or one of his lieutenants. A genius at marketing, Billingsley put his iconic logo on many items – on menus, of course, and on ashtrays and matchbooks and other souvenirs. No doubt using the expertise he gained when he was a bootlegger in his home state and when first opened the Stork Club as a speakeasy in the roaring Twenties when Prohibition was still in force, he also served his own bottled and branded alcohol in the club.

This was the label he used. The design is simple but superb – with the famous Stork taking centre stage, of course.

Courtesy Private Collection.

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